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SNGULAR Ventures is responsible for promoting, funding, investing, and acquiring startups as part of our company’s innovation and growth strategy.

Our solutions

At SNGULAR Ventures, we promote intrapreneurship and building joint ventures with clients, investors, and partners who are looking to start innovative technology-based projects. We work with technology startups to feed into the living organism of innovation that benefits professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses.


We bring added value to technology-centered sectors and projects or when the launch of a new business initiative requires a technological component.

Who we are

We are a team committed to the growth of people, organizations and promoting a sustainable society. Good ideas and good projects can emerge from anywhere. At SNGULAR Ventures, we are here to support anyone who, like us, wants to work as a team to bring positive change to the world. 


We are focused on technology-based solutions. We believe technology is a fundamental building block that allows projects and organizations adapt to the market, accelerate growth and create scalable business models.

How we do it

At SNGULAR Ventures, we do more than provide capital to the initiatives we believe in. We help teams find the right fit between their value proposition and the market through management assistance and mentorship.

SNGULAR Ventures funds projects, either independently or alongside other investors, based on our unique assessment that looks at the proposed solution, the people behind it and the business model.

We also create and manage startups within large organizations that are seeking to diversify their products or business models.

Each project that we work on at Ventures has its own dedicated team. SNGULAR also monitors the initiatives and will provide funding or management advice according to the needs of each startup.

Current investments

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